Piano Stenditore

The City of the Phoenicians and the fishing villages

A morning to discover the astonishing archaeological ruins of the ancient city of Solunto and the  picturesque fishing villages of Aspra, Porticello and S. Elia.
The tour has a duration of about 4 hours. Comfortable shoes recommended.
Group rates available.


Product Description

We will start from the fish market of Aspra, a small fishing village, ideal setting to take a picture of  the fishermen with their nets and stalls filled with local fish varieties. We will continue with Solunto, where we will visit the archaeological site, located on Monte Catalfano, from the Mongerbino Seaside, with a glimpse of the sea among the most overwhelming in the area.  There we will discover the Hellenistic city, wander around the ancient streets to reach the Agora, the Theater, the Bouleuterion and lavish residences such as Leda’s House and others. Next we will visit Porticello, a fishing village with its important fishing fleet of 400 boats. After a short coffee break on the harbor, continuation to Santa Nicolicchia, with its enchanting Red House, setting for numerous films and tv-series. The tour will end at the small village of Sant’Elia, the short walk to the Crucicchia will make you enjoy the breathtaking view overlooking  Capo Zafferano.

The cultural guide service can be adapted to your needs with the same guide discussing possible changes to the proposed routes, or by requesting visits to any other extra museum or landmark not contemplated in the itineraries.